A love letter to those who suffer from discrimination

You activist men and women suffering from sexism, racism, homophobia and religious bigotry, I look up to you:

For being the change.

For being strong enough to share your pain and turn it into something powerful.

For asking for more equality. More justice. More rights.

For staying hopeful that humanity can be better.

For pushing the privileged to think further.

For opening your hearts to those who see you. And want to learn from you.

For teaching others that everyone bleeds the same blood. That no blood should be bled.

For raising awareness.

For changing the system.

For being scared of the consequences, but still speaking up loud and clear.

For being healers more than sinners.

For giving us someone to worship.

For making us question ourselves. And our friends.

For being victims, but not wanting to be victimized.

For being leaders.

For disobeying.

For teaching. For talking. For breathing.

For even though some have hated you, you love.

For loving more than you hate.

Writer. Literary fiction enthusiast. Social issues advocate. Spiritual and philosophical. Idealist in life, realist on paper.